How to put forth a word that will maintain historical value and break from the staid, now conservative themes of the past:  Impressionism, Modernism, Pointilism, Realism, Abstract and more ... (who would have ever thought that the revolutions of these "isms"  would become conservative?).

Enchantism ​provides clues to the past, the liminal, dreamy edge between the now and the future, the moment realism explodes into the theoretical, where images are still recognizable, yet are at the moment of deconstruction often perceived as "I don't get it."  Or ... "​a child can do that.  Anyone can do that."

An art critic writes:  ​"The observer has the opportunity to transcend boundaries, even for a moment's notice.  Looking at Hammons' art doesn't so much remove one from the existing moment to peer into what could be, but instead one is watermarked by images into remembering how fantastic our potential was, and can be again, if we truly listen to Psyche and become stewards of our own  creative passions.  There is a sense of homecoming and renewal situated in James' visual stories, imprints which both inspire simplicity and comfort, while activating some ignored corner pocket  of desire politely waiting to be invited into daily living."  (Brenda Littleton, Psychoanalyst, Professor, Art Therapy). 

Enchantism ​is a mystical, though real, numinous (supernatural) place located somewhere between the ancient Shaman and Carl Jung ~  to bring forth the unconscious archetypes to consciousness ~ to image to form ~ to color and life ~ to canvas and art ~ to balance and health, and finally, ultimately, to beauty.  Jung himself stated "enchantment is the oldest form of medicine."

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James Hammons

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